SOYATON brings your music to life in stunning clarity.

SOYATON copper-and-gold cables reproduce rich, detailed and accurate sound for a truly 3D musical experience. Just sit back while SOYATON gives you a sound spectrum that is perfectly coherent from highest treble to lowest bass.


SOYATON cables – making the best connection for music!


Julian Soja, Soyaton founder

SOYATON is the third and final step of my music journey. A journey that turned a music hobbyist into an avid audiophile. Step one was falling in love with music. As audio gear I had just a radio with integrated tape recorder but my hobby quickly developed a passion that sent me on a never-ending live concert spree and has me spending every dime on music to date. An old friend inspired me to take step two some years later, by introducing me to the world of high-end audio. I embarked on building my own system. Step-by-step, year-by-year and gear-by-gear, I amassed quite a collection. Another years passed, and I reached the point of close-to-perfection. Or so I thought! It turned out there was still room for improvement. This triggered a lot of studies and efforts related to audio reproduction. The outcomes brought me to the third and final step: the conclusion that cables are the bloodstream of any audio system. Audio cables form by far the longest part of the signal path and are vital to sound quality, yet they are the most commonly neglected audio system element. I tested myriads of different audio gear (including tinkering and tweaking, a bit of voodoo and splashing out on some very pricy cables). One day it all payed off, as I finally found speaker cables which performed like nothing else. I instantly knew I had to share my discovery and with my fellow audiophiles.

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SOYATON cables – audiophile-tested!


The GREEN CAVE is SOYATON’s testing and listening room. Though many experts and scientists pore over figures and parameters, I believe that what truly counts is what you hear. Human ears are the ultimate testing device that pass discretionary, yet non-appealable judgements. That’s the basis for the GREEN CAVE philosophy: listen live until you find your perfect sound.

The GREEN CAVE ticks all the right boxes. You can use it to test any audio gear in a proper set-up and under optimal conditions, incl. perfect room acoustics, vibration-resistant walls and optimized power supply. But its main purpose is of course to make it 110% sure that the cable which you buy from SOYATON is the best money can buy. With no compromises and no downsides. You can trust them. And therefore I called my first line of cables The Benchmark.



SOYATON hi-end audio speaker cable


Description: gold-plated copper wires with double air and silicone insulation
Termination: ChordOhmic banana plugs (4mm) made of silver-plated copper.

Length: 240 cm. (ca. 94,5 in)
Offered as single run only. Ask for dedicated jumpers if needed.
B2B price: EUR 3.200 (VAT incl.)
B2C price: tailor made / bespoke only, individual pricing.


Description: gold-plated copper wires with triple insulation (air, silicone and additional layer of copper-braided sleeve for perfect EMI/RFI shielding)
Termination: KLE (Keith Louis Eichmann) CLASSIC BULLET silver-plated copper RCA plugs).

Length: 100 cm (ca. 39,4 in)
Length: 150 cm (ca. 59,1 in)
B2C price: tailor made / bespoke only, individual pricing.


Description: gold-plated copper wires with double air and silicone insulation.
Termination: IeGo or CLEAR COMPONENTS cryogenically treated silver-plated copper plugs (IEC & Schuko).

Length: 200 cm (ca. 78,7 in)
B2C price: tailor made / bespoke only, individual pricing.

Technical questions?

Please read FAQ or contact us for best rates and advice!

  • What is it that I buy from SOYATON?

    SOYATON gives you the actual SOUND OF MUSIC. You do not buy more N’s in terms of copper purity nor more layers of isolation nor any other parameter. SOYATON helps you enjoy the perfect illusion of LIVE MUSIC in your favourite armchair. Our unique SOYATON concept is another price-included benefit.

  • What are SOYATON cables made from?

    SOYATON cables are produced only from highest-quality, optimal materials, e.g. Japanese 6N Ohno Continuous Cast Copper wires.

  • Where are SOYATON cables manufactured?

    SOYATON cable production is a three-step process. First, the wires are manufactured in Japan. Secondly, they are shipped to the USA for further processing, incl. plating with a 0.5-micron layer of 24 carat gold. I step in at the third phase to complete or supervise cable production completion in my Cracow-based workshop.

  • Why should I invest in plating an entire wire?

    In a nutshell, because of the skin effect. I don’t have room for a detailed description here, but you can easily read up on the details online. The bottom line is that a wire’s external layer is key to its overall sonic performance. A gold layer makes sound deeper, richer, sweeter and more natural; it just makes sound more authentic and magical. I believe that live music illusion simply isn’t complete without it.

  • What is the best plating?

    Gold. Because it shines so beautifully.
    Just joking, I’m happy to explain! My extensive testing and experimenting proved that gold-plated cables perform much better than silver-plated ones. Though this might seem controversial, as silver is approx. 150% more conductive, I find silver more suitable for coating cable plugs. In connectors, conductivity prevails over sonic character, but – especially in longer signal path runs – the skin effect tends to be very strong, even exaggerated. To my ear, silver-coated cables render sound harsh and aggressive, which might be annoying in longer listening sessions.

  • What does it take to make the perfect cable?

    Now that I’ve created SOYATON cables, the answer to this question is very easy. Take some high-quality copper wire (Japanese OCC wires are second to none in this world), plate it with some gold, make sure the geometry and twisting are just right, and finish it off with some proper insulation. Don’t forget to use very transparent/neutral connectors (preferably with lowest capacitance possible) and you’re all set for truly rich, sweet and natural sound.
    Anyway, there seems to no doubt that in order to get really the best performing cables money can buy there must be a smart mix of highest quality copper, silver and gold involved – just check SOYATON Benchmark Series or some of our competitors – like SILTECH.

  • What other physical parameters influence cable sound?

    From my testing and experimenting, I learned that electric capacity is another seriously underestimated factor in high-end cable design. As most audiophiles, I had long believed that cable thickness was directly proportionate to sonic performance. Though thicker cables certainly cost more and look more impressive, I discovered that they were largely overrated (not to mention how stiff and unfriendly most of them are). The lower the capacitance of a wire, the easier it is for an amplifier to drive the speakers. Obviously, you shouldn’t venture below minimal thickness, but I feel very confident about saying that, in this case, less is more.

  • What is the best insulation for a high-end audio cable?

    There is no simple answer to this tricky question, as the range of functional solutions is very wide. My testing and experimenting focused on finding the perfect combination of EMI/RFI insulation (critical for interconnect cables that deal with low voltage signals from source components), protection, durability and – last, but definitely not least – flexibility and user-friendliness.
    Obviously, complete EMI/RFI shielding is a must. Still, I hate heavy and stiff cables that tear sockets out of my walls, so I decided to combine air insulation, noise-cancelling geometry, silicone tubing and highest-quality braided outer sleeves. As a result, SOYATON cables are nothing like the stiff cables that lift your amplifier into the air. For SOYATON cables and their users it’s love at first sight (thanks to SOYATON cables’ appealing aesthetics, flexibility and lightness) and at first sound (once the hi-fi system is turned on).

  • What kind of plugs/connectors are best for hi-end cables?

     Again, there is no single answer to this question. My experiments led me to believe that a connector should be as fast and as transparent (audibly invisible) as possible. Such an effect is easiest to achieve by combining low capacitance with high conductivity, and providing high-quality noise insulation and durable hosing. In other words, whenever possible, my first-choice connectors are high-quality silver-plated copper plugs fortified with so-called silver soldiers (“so-called” as they contain only a scarce amount of silver).

  • Are SOYATON cables delivered ready to use?

    SOYATON cables are always delivered as new, not burned-in products. They need at least 50 hours to burn-in and they should not be judged or estimated in any way prior to a proper burn-in is completed as their performance changes during this process significantly.

  • Are SOYATON cables directional?

    Yes, SOYATON cables are directional – you should always follow the flow of SOYATON brand on the cable when plugging it in.

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“...invoked the feeling of finely applied omnipresent darkness as the firm foundation, upon which everything else was built free from any hints of garishness...”